Charlie Laine Bio

Monday, March 20, 2017

Charlie Laine

Shoe Size: 6 1/2
Breast Size: 34B/32C
Pant Size: 3/4
Shirt Size: Small
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue/Green
Weight: 110
Height: 5’3 1/2″
Birthdate: 01-31-1984
Birthplace: Menominee Falls, WI
Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

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Welcome to the Charlie Laine Blog

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Welcome to the Charlie Laine Blog! Here’s you’ll find all kinds of info, pics, videos, and more of the sweet and sexy Charlie Laine!

Charlie Laine Submissive Pornstar in Bondage Cums Hard With Dildo

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sexy brunette Charlie Laine is decked out in black leather and looking fine. But she is a very naughty girl and must be punished. She gets her juicy ass spanked with a riding crop before being made to spread her pussy wide open. With a ball gag in her mouth, this temptress must fuck herself hard with a thick black dildo until she cums. And cums again – and again.

Charlie Laine is finally allowed to relax for a moment after multiple orgasms, but only for a moment. Her pussy is still wet and the day is young and many more orgasms are on the horizon!

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Charlie Laine Official Site

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Charlie Laine has a taste for all things naughty and she’s sharing it with you inside her Official Site:

Club Charlie is more than just some photos and movies, you get to see me, talk to me and get to know me! Of course you can download my exclusive movies and photos, but every model does that. My site is different. I want to hang out with you!

Charlie Laine is Ho-Ho-Hoing For You

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Charlie Laine is one smoking Santa in red lace lingerie. She’s hanging candy canes and christmas balls all over the tree and hoping that the needles don’t pierce her in uncomfortable places. She’s really digging the candy canes because it gives her something to lick while she thinks about you. But after only a few moments of thinking about you, Charlie is feeling so hot that she needs to undress.

Being naked by a prickly tree is so much better. Her stocking needs to be stuffed, after all. And she has a present for you too! It cums already unwrapped and ready to play with, satisfaction guaranteed. No batteries needed, but you might have to figure out creative ways to turn it on.

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Charlie Laine is a Sultry Goddess in Blue

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Charlie Laine is out by her pool in the dark, dressed in blue lingerie that helps her channel her inner Greek goddess. Her body is tingling with desire so strong, she’s not sure if even Neptune could relieve her urges. Maybe Poseidon. After all, he can cause earthquakes and her cunt sure could use one of those right now!

She’s going to slip out of her clothes, hoping that the enticement will help you find a way to get in there and help her out. She needs a strong cock planted firmly in her cooze and she needs to be pumped full of orgasms so she can drench you in a flood of deliciously wet pussy juice. What are you waiting for? Be a dear and help a girl out!

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Charlie Laine Shows Off her Patio

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Charlie Laine is wearing red lingerie because she’s in a festive mood. She wants you to see her perfect, pretty, pulsating…patio. She’s very proud of it, so proud that since it’s just you and her and all that fresh air, she’s going to give you a striptease to mark the occasion. Well, that, and she just can’t keep her hands off herself anymore at the moment.

Her breasts are aching to be stroked, after all, and Charlie loves to make her nipples hard for you. And then there’s always her legs and the way she likes to slide her hands all the way down to her ankles, arching her back as she bends over so you can enjoy her ass.

And let’s not forget the perfect pink pussy that she’s anxious to show you, hoping you’ll know how to give her some sexual release. That, after all, is the perfect way to celebrate!

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Charlie Laine Loves Her Chaise Lounge

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Charlie Laine is like smoldering hot lava in the sexy lingerie she’s wearing for you, and she’s got that look that says she has a surprise for you. She wants to show you something, and not just how hot her ass looks with her g-string and bustier above it or how bodacious her titties looks when she finally sets them free.

She wants to show you her new chaise lounge. It’s perfect for perching on the corner of when you want to spread your legs real wide for some reason. And when things get really going, you can relax back and lift your legs and get great spread on your cunt lips so a nice cock can properly hammer away at it. And don’t even get her started on how perfect it is for doggie style fun!

Yes, her new chaise lounge is the perfect sex toy for the woman with discerning tastes.

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Charlie Laine is a Devil Temptress in Red

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Charlie Laine is at the top of her spiral staircase in her bedroom loft area and she’s decided to put the devil’s panties on. She found her favorite red lingerie and she knows she’s looking smoking hot delicious right now! She likes it when you look at her like that.

She wants to have your undivided attention before she starts slipping out of the hot clothing, revealing the cool seductiveness of her bare flesh. She wants your hands on her. She wants to feel you stroke her breasts and make her nipples nice and hard. She’s spreading her legs to show you where to touch her next. She wants your fingers on her clit and your cock buried deep inside her. These solo sessions are getting a little lonely.

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Charlie Laine and the Sexy Staircase

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Charlie Laine is enjoying the new house she’s found, and one of her sexiest locations is this wonderful staircase. She loves how it’s a spiral and yet mysterious, with that large piece of wood at the center. She knows that it would be a hot place to have sex.

There are so many great places to put your hands and positions to get into. She’s got some of her favorite blue lingerie on to send the message that she wants your help and attention. And now that she’s got it, that lingerie is going to disappear quickly.

Charlie isn’t in the mood for clothes right now. She’s in the mood to be seen and touched all over. The staircase simply won’t be truly hers until she’s cum on it.

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Charlie Laine and her New Fireplace

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lovely Charlie Laine is in the mood to celebrate! She just signed the lease on this house and while it’s still empty, but hers, she wants to have fun christening the fireplace with you. She’s worn her hottest lingerie for the occasion – black bra, panties, hose, garters, and heels. She’s happy to take some of it off if you feel she’s too overdressed for the occasion, but one way or another, this happy, horny woman is going to get festive for you.

It feels like the perfect climax to months of house hunting, looking for a place she can call her own. Now she’s sharing her deeply personal places – those secret, warm, wet, pink hidden places where you feel extra special. Welcome!

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Charlie Laine Spreads Pussy in Camisole

Friday, February 3, 2017

Now that Charlie Laine has given you a good lingerie show, she wants things to get a little bit more naughty. First you have to admire that incredible bod of hers. There’s no way you can do anything without getting a good eyeful of those milky soft tits. Your hands deserve to be cupping those bad boys.

Next is that silky soft pink puss of her’s. this babe has got herself all turned on! Her hands grope and rub her own body, causing her arousal to sky rocket, and that honey hole to get more and more slick. Her fingers pry it open, it’s wetness causing you to salivate and just ache to be balls deep inside her!

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Charlie Laine is Hot in Sheer Blue Lingerie

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Charlie Laine can’t help herself when she goes to a lingerie store. There’s just so much there she wants to own. This shopping trip she picked up this sexy blue camisole and panty set. They look sexy to begin with but once she slips into them, this babe becomes the ultimate 10. The lace and sheer fabric make her body look incredible – and make you ache for when she’s going to strip on out of it!

Her favorite part about lingerie is letting you have a sneak peak of what’s underneath. She wants to get you all hot and bothered and cock hard so there will be a little playtime in the future. With her panties pulled aside, her pussy lips are right there in full view. You know they’re going to be smooth as silk when your fingers graze along them! You might have to sit this one out though, looks like the frisky minx is going to have some time to herself.

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Charlie Laine Gets Frisky

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When Charlie Laine gets something in her head, she can’t forget about it until it’s taken care of. Right now she’s feeling down and dirty and her mind can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to get down on the floor there in the hallway and start playing with herself. What would happen if one of her roommates came home and found her sexy ass there? She said fuck it all and decided to get busy!

The playful redhead takes off her bra and panties and tosses them down the hall. She wants to be completely bare for this adventure! Down on the floor she spreads her legs wide so her fingers can be all over that cunt. They hold it open, letting the wet pinkness entice you. Her fingers dip in and out of her wet all, working harder and faster to make herself cum!

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Charlie Laine is Sexy in Stripped Lingerie

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cute redhead Charlie Laine is looking hotter than ever in her green stripped bra and panties. She looks like a real doll standing in the bright green hall. She’s dying to be naughty but can’t wait to get in the bedroom! She’s ready to strip down and get busy right where she is!

She’s hot and bothered and there’s no reason to have this lingerie on! The babe pulls off her clothes until she’s just a sex kitten standing there – nude from head to toe. Your eyes can’t help but focus in on that luscious rack and her little cunt. It just allows the mind to wander with all of the naughty things she’ll soon be getting up to.

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Charlie Laine in Classy Black Lingerie

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Charlie Laine is one of those babes that brings class and glamour back to modeling. This stunning angel knows just what to do to make the men holler and still look like a lady. In her see through black camisole, it only takes one good pull to flash you a tit and only a little more effort and she’s completely nude.

Her panties drop around her knees as she spreads her legs. Those come hither eyes of hers are telling you that she just wants to get a piece. She shows off both her holes, reminding you just how much she loves to fuck. When a chick like this has her pussy spread open wide for you – you can’t deny her what she wants!

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Charlie Laine All Tied Up

Friday, January 13, 2017

Charlie Laine does a little fetish work with these sexy pics of the fresh-faced beauty all tied up while wearing a hooters uniform.

Bound and gagged with pantyhose, she wiggles and squirms on the living room sofa as her clothing comes off and sweet breasts and yummy pussy get exposed.

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Charlie Laine Gets Wet with Her Dildo

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hot bodied brunette, Charlie Laine, definitely looks delicious in her blue bikini but she is absolutely smoking hot as she strips herself out of it.

Taking off her high heels and positioning her naked body on wet stone, the natural stunner uses a glass dildo to pleasure her pussy and your eyes.

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Charlie Laine Cowgirl Hat Cutie

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sexy babe, Charlie Laine, turns a simple set with a simple bra and panty set into a work of super sex appeal by adding a cowgirl hat and a strip.

The bootylicious brunette loses her black bra to let her natural tits enjoy exposure and she then peels off her thong and flaunts her big fine fanny before squatting down and showing her sweet pussy.

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Charlie Laine Pantyhose and Hooters

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fresh face Charlie Laine wears minimal makeup and her hair back in a peppy ponytail as she gets in touch with her inner Hooters Girl.

Wearing the infamous yellow shorts uniform, Charlie teases it all off and gets playful in the pantyhose. The naughty redhead makes quite the sexy show of it.

Charlie takes her white socks off first so hat foot lovers can see her soft soles straining against nylon. She then works her way out of her shorts and wows you with her beautiful butt. Charlie makes sure that you can see her sweet pussy too.

Once that is out of the way, she pulls up her top to unveil her natural tits and then tugs the pantyhose up to her shoulders so that the tight material embraces far more of her gorgeous body than is traditional.

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